Our Locations
ICWC offers services both virtually and at various warm-water therapy pools & facilities throughout the Indianapolis & Fort Wayne, Indiana areas. 

One of the many benefits to utilizing existing facilities in the community is our participants being able to partake in activities in mainstream settings, often times alongside typical peers. Additionally, depending on the location your child is receiving services, a FREE membership to that facility might be included! For example, when your home location for services is a location such as the JCC Indianapolis, your child will receive a membership to that facility courtesy of ICWC. We encourage you to take advantage of that membership & frequent that facility as often as possible to help maximize the gains being made in therapy and/or adaptive lessons.

To accommodate more families in a greater area, we are constantly adding new community facilities to the list of where we offer our services. To find out which location is nearest you, or to suggest we contract with a facility near you, simply get in touch with us today!

tel: 224-515-9060 e-mail: [email protected]